Michigan Sports Concussion Law

Michigan was the 39th U.S. state to enact a law that regulates sports concussions and return to athletic activity.  The law went into effect June 30th, 2013.  The sports concussion legislation requires all coaches, employees, volunteers, and other adults involved with a youth athletic activity to complete a concussion awareness on-line training program.

For local school districts, this won’t change much in the way athletics and concussions are approached.  The Michigan High School Athletics Association has had the same policies in place since 2010.  However, the law does protect youth athletes outside of MHSAA-sponsored sports and activities.  The new law requires all levels of schools and youth sports organizations to educate, train and collect forms for non-MHSAA activities including physical education classes, intramural and out-of-season camps or clinics.  The MHSAA policies will still remain in effect.

The new state law requires all coaches, employees, volunteers and other adults involved in youth athletics to complete a concussion awareness online training program.  In addition, schools must provide educational materials on the signs and symptoms and consequences of concussions to each youth athlete and their parents and guardians and obtain a signed statement acknowledging receipt of the information to be kept on record.  In addition, the law requires immediate removal of an athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion from participation in an athletic event.  The athlete must then obtain written clearance from a health care professional before they can return to physical activity.

Muskegon Public Schools and the Muskegon Big Reds Athletic Department are taking every step available to ensure the safety of our student-athletes.  In addition to the requirements of the new law, the Athletic Department has purchased and is currently using the ImPACT concussion management program and has thorough policies in place as it relates to concussions and concussion management.  Informational  fact sheets for parents and athletes are available below.

For additional information on the new law , please visit www.michigan.gov/sportsconcussion, or for information about the ImPACT program for concussion management visit www.impacttest.com.


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