Athletic Training Room Rules

Muskegon High School Athletic Training Room Rules

 1.  The Athletic Training Room is first and foremost a healthcare facility and should be used in such a manner.  Athletes should be in the athletic training room for evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation only.  Any athlete in the athletic training room for any other reason will be asked to leave.

2. Athletes must report all athletic related injuries occurring on Muskegon High School campus immediately (within 24 hours) to a staff Athletic Trainer or a member of the appropriate coaching staff. It is the sole responsibility of the athlete to report all injuries to ensure proper and expedient care.

3.   ALL  athletes receiving treatment  MUST  sign the daily treatment log before receiving treatment/care.  Athletes will be treated on a first come, first serve basis.  In-season athletes have priority in utilizing all services of the athletic training room and staff.

4.  NO  food or beverages allowed in the athletic training room (water is okay).

5.  Foul/derogatory language, loud/obnoxious behavior, or horseplay will not be tolerated. Use of profanity will incur a penalty of 10 push-ups per word.

6.  The use of the athletic training room is NOT  an  excuse for being late to practice.  It is the athletes responsibility to make sure he/she is on time for practice.

7.  The athletic training room is a co-ed facility.  Athletes MUST wear appropriate clothing while in the athletic training room (shorts, t-shirt, no sports bras).

8.  There will be NO dressing/undressing in the athletic training room.

9.  Personal belonging (phones, electronic devices, backpacks) do not belong in the training room.  The staff will not be responsible for your personal property.

10.  Please respect and return any Muskegon High School property (including but not limited to, water bottles, coolers, rehab equipment, crutches).   It is not your RIGHT to have these items, it is a PRIVILEGE provided to you by the Muskegon High School Athletic Department.

11.  If any student-athlete is not adhering to the athletic training room rules, he/she can lose privileges  to the facility.  Coaches will be notified of non-compliance.

Guidelines for Protection:  Student Rights and Expectations

  •  You have the right to confidentiality and modesty during evaluation and treatment.
  • You have the right to have a parent/guardian or an adult of the same gender present during evaluation and treatment.
  • No photos/videos will be taken without written informed consent during evaluation or treatment.  Consent must be from parent or legal guardian if student is a minor.
  • You should expect that the medical staff will conduct themselves in a professional manner that is consistent with the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Code of Ethics, the State of Michigan Board of Athletic Trainers (Public Act 54), and the Mission, Vision, and Values of Mercy Health.