Big Reds News · Muskegon High School Soccer Varsity Girls falls to Union High School 0-3

Sport Soccer Varsity Girls
Home Score 3 Away Score
Game Recap
Although we had 8 shots on goal, we just couldnt put them in the net. Four shots hit the posts and bounced back and we just couldn't capitalize on the rebounds. Two other shots missed the net, and two other shots went in the net but were not allowed off of indirect kicks. We're both fairly closely matched teams as far as skill level and play is concerned. Watching these teams come together is truly a match that should be seen. It is very exciting soccer.
Box Scores
Box Score: 1st 2nd
Muskegon High School 1 3
Union High School 0 0
Goalkeepers – Muskegon High School


Name Saves
Kaitlyn Baker
Goalkeepers – Union High School
Name Saves

Shots on Goal

Muskegon High School 8
Union High School 6


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